These Are Our Opportunities…

Exceptional Public Education

Education has the power to break the cycle of generational poverty in our state and we have a responsibility to give our kids every chance to thrive. The moment a parent gets involved in their child’s education is the moment that child joins a path to success.  Let’s meet the needs of the future by transforming our education system. I will focus on policies that help increase graduation rates and preparing Oregon children for a lifetime of success. 

  • Focus on parent, family and community engagement.

  • Connect math to practical applications.

  • Engage students through creative problem solving.

  • Provide career and technical education options.

  • Introduce career pathways early, connect students to employers.

  • Support student leadership and entrepreneurship.

  • Integrate financial management skills into project-based learning.Implement trauma-informed practices in school.

Building A Bridge from Poverty to Prosperity

We are not going to realize our full potential unless we create policies that reward work. Stagnant wages combined with the rising cost of healthcare, housing and utilities have increased many Oregonians reliance on state and federal safety net programs, making it more difficult to make the transition to full-time employment.

  • Align federal, State, and local resources to support affordable housing development.

  • Prevent government from implementing policies that raise the cost of utilities

  • Improve access to behavioral health services

  • Reduce the cost of health insurance and improve access to care

  • Restructure Oregon Social Safety Net Systems to reward work.

  • Provide tax incentives to employers who offer childcare benefits or services.

A Brighter Future for Working Families

Oregon must encourage small business investment and expand job opportunities for working Oregonians.  As an entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to risk everything to build your own business.  I still strive each day to better support our employees, customers, and community.   I understand the needs of small business in our state.

  • Invest in on the job training and skills development for working people that lead to higher wages.

  • Expanding opportunities for small businesses to reinvest in infrastructure, real estate, job creation and workforce training.

  • Promoting economic diversification in our rural communities.

  • Keeping the tax burden low so small businesses can continue to grow our economy and create jobs.

  • Streamlining state government so that our communities can keep more of their resources local.


Protect & Save Public Retirement

School districts and local governments continue to shoulder the financial burden of PERS putting a huge strain on essential services. I will work toward implementing fair, equitable, and constitutional solutions. We shouldn’t seek to blame public employees for this crisis. Instead we must work together to ensure everyone is part of the solution.



Over the last decade, I’ve watched as Southern Oregon became a hub for innovation in health care. We need to bring these solutions and — more importantly — an innovative spirit to the policy debate in Salem and Washington D.C. The truth is that healthcare continues to be cost prohibitive for too many working families and is crushing our local businesses with burdensome costs, making it increasingly difficult for them to raise wages. I will work for systems innovation, choice, and common-sense measures that will save everyday Oregonians money and provide better care.


Helping Students Succeed

We are in danger of failing an entire generation of future Oregonians. We face pre-kindergarten programs that are starved for resources, disgraceful high school graduation rates, and rising tuition. Education has the power to break the cycle of generational poverty in our state and we have a responsibility to give our kids every chance to thrive.  I will provide the leadership needed to realign our education system.  By reducing administrative burden and inspiring innovation, we can begin to improve outcomes for our kids.


Protecting Seniors

Oregon Seniors have made incredible contributions to our communities and deserve to be honored, not forgotten. Seniors on fixed incomes rely on critical services to keep their homes, get high-quality healthcare, and help remain independent. I will be a reliable advocate for seniors and their needs.  It is critical that ensure stability of these systems so that we can keep our promises to those who have worked hard to built our local communities.


Reducing Climate Change

The data shows that our climate is warming and that it’s an issue we must address. I believe one of the most impactful things Oregon can do to slow climate change is to support research efforts in our University System.  This is our opportunity to support collaboration with other institutions worldwide, to develop clean, convenient, inexpensive energy sources that can be exported globally.  I also propose that we consider developing policies that support water conservation and forest management as ways to reduce the impact of climate change in Oregon.  



In the last few years, fire season has reached dangerous levels in Southern Oregon. How many more summers will we endure unhealthy air and smoky skies? I won’t pretend that we can control Mother Nature but forest management policy does impact the severity of the fires and smoke. I will work tirelessly to build more alignment between federal and state forest management policy in order to reduce fuel load and create a system that allows for responsible fire suppression on federal lands within our state during peak fire season.  Forest resiliency is key to a healthy environment and proper forest management will help reduce the impact of climate change in Oregon. I believe we can achieve this by:

  • Collaborating with professional foresters and different agencies to implement responsible practices.

  • Creating responsible forest management policies.

  • Reducing the fuel load.


Supporting Our Veterans

Too many of our veterans have no future in the country they fought to protect. I will fight to ensure our veterans have access to job training, education opportunities, better healthcare, and housing. I am thankful to veterans for the incredible sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom.  


Second Amendment

Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of the right to bear arms. They believed it was so critical to our basic freedoms that they made it a constitutional right.  Throughout our history, the Bill of Rights has come under scrutiny for a variety of reasons; however, it has ultimately withstood the test of time and Americans are thankful for the freedoms guaranteed within it. I respect and support the second amendment rights of all competent, law abiding citizens. Please let me if you would like to discuss this in more detail in a longer conversation.

Sexual Harassment

As a mom of two young daughters and a business owner in a largely male-dominated industry, I can relate to many of the challenges women and minorities face in our communities and workplaces. I am a strong supporter of fair and equal treatment for all. It’s time to change the culture in the workplace and in our society. This is our opportunity.